Noni Juice and Xeronine

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"I have devoted my life to the study of "


." I am convinced of xeronine's tremendous benefits to the body. The fact that Tahitian Noni International has developed a way to bring Noni Juice to the market delights me. I am an enthusiastic consumer of


and support the mission of Tahitian Noni International 100%." - Dr. Ralph Heinicke, Ph.D.

Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a leading biochemist in the United States, made a critical discovery while studying pineapple enzymes. An alkaloid he later named xeronine was found to be essential to proper cell function in the body and sustained health.

Noni Juice and XeronineDr. Heinicke discovered that


is produced in the large intestine from key building blocks that must be present in the correct amounts.

Those building blocks are


- the precursor to


- and


, the enzyme catalyst required for chemical reaction.

Once convinced of the importance of


, Dr. Henicke began his search for a reliable, abundant source of its building blocks. This led him to Noni Juice. He found that the Noni fruit is the most abundant and reliable source of proxeronine and proxeronase.

What is the function of this essential nutrient?

  1. It activates dormant enzymes that are found in our small intestines, this is very important, since we eat too many foods that are lacking in sufficient quantities of enzymes. Our bodies need specific enzymes to enjoy efficient digestion, calm nerves and to increase our physical and emotional energy.
  2. Xeronine

    protects and keeps the shape and suppleness of protein molecules so that they may be able to pass through the cell walls and be used to form healthy tissue. Without these nutrients going into the cell, the cell can not perform its job efficiently. Without pro-xeronine to produce xeronine our cells and then our complete body suffers.
  3. The

    enzyme xeronine

    which the body produces from the pro-xeronine found in the Noni plant, also assists in enlarging the membrane pores of the cells. This enlargement allows for larger chains of peptides (amino acids or proteins) to be admitted into the cell and to feed us better. If these chains are not used they become wast and this precious source of energy is lost by going to fat or being eliminated.
  4. Every cell in the body is like a house with doors and windows. When you have to drive a car into a garage you need to open the large door. The same goes on in our body if we have to absorb a larger protein molecule, we need to open a larger pore if we are to use it.


    , which is made from pro-xeronine, assists in the enlarging the pores and allowing better absorption of nutrients.


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