Legumes and Tea against Cervical Cancer

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The researchers discovered that it is helpful to reduce the risk of suffering from the

cervical cancer

by drinking tea.

The findings indicated that drinking tea frequently, specially the

green tea

, possibly will reduce 60% opportunity of suffering the carcinoma of uterus’s. This discovery was published in the recent issue magazine “Endemic disease, Biological Milestone And Prevents disease” of American cancer study association.

Legumes and Tea against Cervical CancerThe object of the research is including 254 women whch has diagnosed having suffered the carcinoma of uterus and 652 women which have not.

Since long, the people have thought the tea includes the active anticancer treatment factor, but branch Yamagimachi university public health institute researcher does the research, which concentrates the focal point in the carcinoma of uterus aspect for the first time.

The leader of the research project Professor Binshi said that this research starts to pay attention to the influence of diet and the life style. The most theatrical discovery in the research project, is the influence of drinking tea.

As if the

green tea

has the strongest influence, but any kind of tea that usually drinking, will produce the beneficial results for reducing the occurrence of carcinoma of uterus largely. The human who drinks two or three cups tea every day and maintains many years, can obtain the best result.

In addition,

cervical cancer

patient should also eat the

soybean and the bean product

, such as bean curd or soybean milk, because these foods may supple the

vegetative estrogen

. It is considered that the


element and the lignin of it can resist oxidation, suppress the cervix adenocarcinoma and the growth of the squamose epidermal cell cancer, reduce the fission of the cancer cell, and simultaneously prevent the tumor shift effectively. The risk suffering from the endometrium cancer will reduce 54% for the female who eat them Massively. From it, the American cancer Research center’s researchers even obtain the results that "soybean’s ingestion quantity and the trouble endometrium cancer’s risk is in reverse proportion".

Besides related closely to the pathological change before the cancer, such as the early marriage, nurtures, chronic cervicitis and so on, the morbidity of the

cervical cancer

is also indeed related with the diet. And the appropriate diet has the suitable positive influence on preventing and resisting the

cervical cancer


The scientific research indicated that the zinc and the selenium in vivo excessively low will cause the immune system function to be low, and induce the

cervical cancer

. In the meals, it is especially important to supplement the zinc and the selenium, you may eat much fish, the lean meat, the peanut and so on.

But according to traditional Chinese dietary therapy’s principle, in different time of the

cervical cancer

, its nutrition supplemented that also respectively has the specificity:

  1. It ought to restore the vital energy and raise the blood after the surgery, by eating Chinese yam, dried longan pulp, Chinese matrimony-vine, pig liver and so on;
  2. The diet recuperation is main to raises the blood and nourishes the dew when making the radiotherapy, you may through eating the meats, duck’s egg, auricularia auricula, rape, lotus root and so on;
  3. The primary thing is to invigorate the Spleen and tonify the Kidney when making chemotherapy, you may through eating asses’ glue, soft-shelled turtle, auricularia auricula and so on
  4. When the colporrhagia are many, the patient should eat blood tonic food, such as the lotus root, the Chinese hawthorn, the auricularia auricula, the quail egg and so on;
  5. It is appropriate to the occasion nutritious when leucorrhea are many and thin, you may through eating soft-shelled turtle, pigeon egg, chicken and so on;
  6. The

    cervical cancer

    patients who are in the later period shoulg electe the high protein, high thermal food, such as milk, beef.


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